Data Sources

Connect to any number of databases or API endpoints and see them side-by-side.

Source Support

Connect to virtually anything.

Connect natively to any data source with an Erlang or Elixir driver.

Additionally, connect to any public or private data source that provides live data feeds, or even any static file that has a well-known structure.

SQL & NoSQL Databases

PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, and more


Any data source or web service that provides JSON

Event Feeds

Any broadcast or subscribable data feed

Static Files

Any parsable file with a known structure

Flexible. Powerful. Secure.

Full control over your data flow.

Super Fast

A data caching layer ensures clients have a blazing-fast expereince

Many-Source Consumption

Clients can connect to multiple data sources simultaneously

Connection Pooling

Multiple clients can share a single source connection or subscription


Data access credentials are encrypted on the server and never provided to clients
Two Way Messaging

Dedicated Message Channels

  • Each individual display in a Kojiki Dashboard has a dedicated message channel to communicate with the server, and can both send and receive messages.
  • Each channel can communicate at whichever frequency and bandwidth is appropriate for the type of content
The server subscribes to a data source or live query and rebroadcasts the content:
  • The data source has only one subscriber, minimising DB server bandwidth and overhead
  • All clients see the same data, and are updated real-time
Aggregated Reporting
The server makes a request to the server and caches the response for all clients:
  • The data source batches complex requests to the server and caches the results for all client requests
  • All clients see the same data, but response time is minimised by caching
Data Analytics
Each client makes unique, parametrized requests to the server:
  • The data source responds to all requests individually
  • Each client receives the unique data it requested

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