Security and Compliance


We understand the importance of keeping your data secure. We follow industry-standard security best practices, quickly respond to any security issues that arise, and keep you fully informed.

Secure in the Cloud

Use Kojiki as a remote service, saving the need to provision and maintain infrastructure.

  • All access credentials to your data sources are stored encrypted and are never transmitted.
  • Data is never transmitted over unencrypted connections.
  • Your data exists and is processed inside a dedicated Virtual Machine, not shared with others.
Secure on your Network

Run Kojiki on your own network, so data never leaves your premises.

  • Access credentials are never transmited over the internet.
  • Network data is never transmitted over the internet.
  • All server maintenance and upgrades are handled by your organization's security team.
Data Privacy

Full GDPR Compliance for everyone.

The GDPR ensures that corporations treat the privacy of EU citizens seriously.

Read about the GDPR Here.

Universal Compliance

All users everywhere in the world can have their personal data anonymized, not just EU citizens.


Data is encrypted whenever possible and practicable, including backups.


Any data breaches are reported to affected individuals and an appropriate authority within 72 hours.

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